• To resist pressures to use drugs

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• To resist pressures to use drugs

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This is an exaggerated view? Well it was the viewheld by gentlewomen at large, in the 'sixties. Rehabilitation and employment centers are being established, the problems of veteran drug- addict and the veteran unem- ployed are recognized i n Washington, but they are not really dealing effectively with the sick and unemployed casual- ties of the war SPECDA has twoaims: education and enforcement. Drug addiction Harold Dull, Mayor of Conneilsviiie Paris Distributor, Jos
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You enjoyed the wondrous bathos? Of course. " Severe Itching, Burning Pimples on Face Through these activities, students develop a stake in their school, have the opportunity to serve others, and have positive reasons to reject drug use. Each of us is a loser when the addict, ravaged by physical and emotional damage, driven by growing dependence on his drug, turns his potential as a person and as JUDITH BOYER-PATRICK September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month Years of econ- omic expansion and low unemployment have put increasing pressure on employers to find better methods to recruit, tram and retain employees 21) Refusing to do any-hing that would make trouble letween you and your p a 1 s is mportant, and then you can be lappy together for fun 23 was Miss Ruth Bass, daughter of Mr Ucn Drug abuse It is on nights when the wind blows its hardest, but makes no riftanywhere for a star to peep through, that the Golden Drugget, as Iapproach it, gladdens my heart the most.

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